Kimberly Kirner

KimberlyKimberly Kirner is a cultural anthropologist, nature mystic, and animist Druid. Kim is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and is one of the founders of Star and Stone Druid Fellowship in Southern California. She is also an active member of All Saints Episcopal Church with her partner. A professor of anthropology at California State University Northridge, her professional work centers on the relationships between cognition, emotion, and action and how these are shaped by place, community, and identity. Her research primarily focuses on environmental issues (particularly sustainability and environmental justice) and the intersection of religion and everyday action. As a Druid, she seeks to deepen her embodiment of ecocentric values in everyday life and her exploration of what it means to connect to the Divine through service to nature spirits. She pursues crafting secular actions for justice and sustainability alongside meaningful religious practices that can assist in developing the human capacity for liberation, peace, mindfulness, and love. When not working, she can be found in the horse stable, garden, or art studio… and occasionally in the solitude of the mountains.



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