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Zeba Khan

Zeba Khan is a bi-racial writer, parent, and autism awareness advocate. She is the mother of three children, a special little boy with autism and two special little girls without. Zeba writes about special needs parenting and autism awareness in addition to Islam and personal spirituality. By day, she is a mother and the managing … Continue reading

Rivki Silver

Rivki Silver has spent most of her life immersed in the study and instruction of music, but for the past seven years has been learning about marriage and motherhood. She writes about relationships, parenthood, music and religion, as seen through the lens of an Orthodox Jewish woman. Her writing can be found on,,, … Continue reading

Caroline Hendry

First and foremost, my Dad is God. He made everything, he knows everything, his freakin’ streets are made with gold, and he adopted me! Yes, I am a princess. Wife to the best husband in the world, sorry ladies, yep, I got him. Mom to a miracle daughter that keeps me on my toes. 18 … Continue reading

Kimberly Kirner

Kimberly Kirner is a cultural anthropologist, nature mystic, and animist Druid. Kim is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and is one of the founders of Star and Stone Druid Fellowship in Southern California. She is also an active member of All Saints Episcopal Church with her partner. A professor of … Continue reading

Ruchi Koval

Ruchi Koval is an Orthodox Jewish woman. Married, 7 kids. She’s the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience, a family education center and Sunday school located in Cleveland, Ohio. She is also a certified parenting coach, runs character-development groups for women, and is a motivational speaker. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, … Continue reading

Brian Noe

Brian Noe is a writer, folk singer and new media producer who lives at the southern terminus of the Chicago Southland – Kankakee, Illinois, USA. He was raised in an Evangelical Protestant home, left the Church for several decades, then experienced a conversion in his thirties and became Catholic. He had been initially drawn to … Continue reading

Peter Mourn

Peter Mourn is a pseudonymous musician, writer and seeker living in the Southern US. His personal blog on Buddhism and more can be found at Like Mourning The Dead.

Dana Hammer

Mark Townsend

Mark Townsend is a combination of priest, magician (illusionist) and writer. He uses seemingly opposing forces as equal gifts in our search for the meaning of life. Mark’s books are recognised as being a touching place between Christianity and Paganism. As well as being an ordained priest, Mark is a member of The Order of … Continue reading

Beth Caplin

Beth holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Kent State University. It was during college that she first saw her name in print as a columnist for her campus newspaper, The Daily Kent Stater. She is a self-published author of five books, specializing in young adult fiction (plus one memoir and small collection of poetry). … Continue reading