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The Caveat of ‘Being Saved’

“I will pray for Jesus’ intervention in rescuing those poor girls.” That was a response to an article highlighting the prevalence of sex trafficking at major city events like the Superbowl someone posted on Facebook. It’s a sentiment that acknowledges the horror of forced prostitution, which I agree with. It offers hope, which I would … Continue reading

It’s the Most Lonely Time of Year

Some of the first songs I learned by heart were Christmas carols – the religious ones, not the cutesy ones with animal voices the radio overplays. This is because my first “debut” as an actress was as an angel in the town Christmas pageant when I was eight. I grew up loving those songs, envying … Continue reading

Beautiful Life with Jesus and Cancer

That’s me. Cancer. I have battled a rare form of cancer for the last 18 years, starting at one of the hardest times in a human life: high school. I am now 33 years old. Cancer has left me with scars, Addison’s Disease, lots of doctor bills, and daily health issues. But I have the most beautiful life, … Continue reading

The Judgiest Mother

I can be a bit…judgy. Not out loud…usually. But I often have mean spirited thoughts. And when I do say judgmental things out loud, my tone is often blunt and harsh. It’s probably the worst thing about me, and it’s something I’ve really been working on this last couple of years. For instance, my inner voice might … Continue reading