Caroline Hendry

cropped-cropped-dsc_0181-e1413836794572First and foremost, my Dad is God. He made everything, he knows everything, his freakin’ streets are made with gold, and he adopted me! Yes, I am a princess.

Wife to the best husband in the world, sorry ladies, yep, I got him.bookcoverimage-1

Mom to a miracle daughter that keeps me on my toes.

18 year survivor of MEN2A Cancer. I have Addison’s Disease.

Writer. I love to write. It is in me. I am discovering more and more who I am and there are certain things that I have to accept. I will never be in the Olympics, I will never speak tons of languages, and I will never be a famous rock star. But I can write. Smirk on my face and rubbing my hands together, here is my baby. Read it. You will like it.



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